Marcel van Delft

The face behind the words…


I am a product of Dutch origin, but my market is the world – and beyond.

I love people, love the love in people and love the love in people’s creations. All love and struggle in life are part of a grand story of interconnected experiences; everything is connected in The Whole and because of that EVERYTHING is meaningful.

I like to stretch my imagination and ask difficult questions, be they about life, spirituality, psychology, philosophy, society, ethics or just about anything personally interesting.


I struggle, have struggled and will keep struggling, like everyone else. By struggling, I get either answers or more questions, but every finding is a piece of the great puzzle, the great true story waiting to be unfolded and understood. And by extension, I can help finding and matching the true story puzzle pieces for others as well.

I’ve made mistakes, have been sick, experienced various psychological conditions and have been exposed to different beliefs and cultures. It is not easy to put me into a single box.

But still I love, feel loved, write, read, coach, counsel, teach, study, learn, fail and recover.

At the end of this complex story I hope to finally understand my and other people’s true story and thereby find peace and bliss.

I know about…

…writing, fantasy, psychology, spirituality, martial arts, teaching, English grammar, philosophy, music, general knowledge, The Netherlands, Indonesia, cultural differences, the meaning of life, struggle, being a parent, children of all ages, adolescents, academic skills, presentation skills, public speaking, drama and expression, poetry and much more to be mentioned here.

But how much do we, mortals, know anyways, if anything at all?



Love for writing and people