Fantasy Book Teaser 3: From Master to Student of “the Art”

Follow all the teasers! They will give you an idea about the content of this big fantasy novel that still has no definite title.

Fantasy Book Teaser 3: From Master to Student of “the Art”


My dear pupil,


You have shown progress in both skill and ambition. You are still a young girl, but I foresee a great future for you. You are both open-minded and fierce, qualities often lacking in your brothers and sisters from the “Sapientia Chordarum” Order.
The world is full of foolish men and women, but you are not one of them.
Fools, for instance, are those who believe in myths and call our “art” mere “magic”.
Then, on the opposite side of the spectrum, there are disbelievers who sleep comfortably thinking it’s all “tricks and superstition”.
But make no mistake, it heals and it kills, creates and destroys, regardless of their ignorance.


The art becomes reality when the consciousness of the enlightened ones travels together in harmony with the primal vibrations of existence, being and not being, the same and yet utterly different.
If you were like such a master, knowing truth in its purest form, you might call it “Omniscillatis Effigeis Fluerei”, or the art of transforming the all-encompassing latent vibration into the manifestation of the existing, the finite definite.


As this is a forest of endless possibilities, do not set foot on the path through the woods without an experienced guide. But then again, even the best of guides sometimes get lost. Some dwell in the shadows of “Omniscillatis Fraticidei”, so called because its dangerous interpretations could lead to both power and the destruction and suffering of “brothers” in our shared art. That’s why some of our “civilized friends” do not approve of these art forms.
Their guideline is “Omniscillatis Eloquentis”, the proper elegant way. No wonder the Lusors of the Order are its main adherents.


Now, my friend, let us take a look at these art forms, not excluding any for the sake of “proper practice”.


Each stream of thought, or branch of the art, is called a “Generei”. Five are known to mankind, two or three of which are considered “Fraticidei”. The sixth is only a myth.


The main branch is “Generei Frigeis”. It originated from a archaic form that could manipulate weather and temperature, most likely introduced by old shamans from our long extinct Mayiora ancestors. Now it contains all the rudimentary formulas, including the basic patterns to build up a web of concepts that can be extended, used by almost all practitioners. Also the most common attacks and defenses are included.


“Generei Effigeis” deals with effects, visualization and optical illusions.
Great addition, but rarely lethal. Lusors depend on it way too often.


“Generei Fraudeis” describes formulas to deceive, psychologically manipulate and interrogate victims. Some brothers go as far as to call this “Fraticidei”.


“Generei Funeis” is definitely forbidden by our “civilized” brothers, which is why it must be studied and practiced with caution, but should nonetheless be treated as a wealth of resources. It flirts with death in all its countless appearances.


“Generei Cladeis” is the art of doom and despair. You can imagine why our weak-hearted brothers and sisters call it “Fraticidei”.


The sixth, like I said, is just a myth – nonexistent. It is said to address other-worldly gods which were assumed to “breathe” it. It is said, on the same note, that they have instilled the art form into the minds of a people that has been lost for millennia – again, all just mythology without any decent source or proof. This art form is probably what inspired all those superstitious, foolish believers into becoming such believers in the first place.


Be ready to learn, my pupil. Be ready to scream, die, resurrect from the void of ignorance and into the realm of those who suffer to become wise men and women.
Every scar will be a reminder of lessons learnt, and yet many more to be learnt.
Do not let the guidelines of those cowardly brothers mislead you, but tread the trodden path of those before you, who where brave enough to explore every possibility, embrace every fear.


We will meet very soon, my friend,


Your teacher.

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