Fantasy Book Teaser 1: Original Story Blurb


Follow all the teasers! They will give you an idea about the content of this big fantasy novel that still has no definite title.

Teaser 1: Original Story Blurb


A triplet with hair as fiery as their personalities is one of the attractions of their idyllic village and they want to keep it that way – especially if their older sister, like their mother earlier, suffers from strange attacks and thereby threatens to ruin the reputation of the family.


Only when the unexplainable happens, and Amber disappears, do they start to realize that they were terribly wrong. They will need their unique bond as multiples and their complementary talents, not for the sake of their popularity, but to find out what happened to their sister and mother.


Deeper wisdom is lost, fallen prey to modernity, together with the lost Lusors – masters, if the tales may be believed, of an artform that is supposed supersede physical reality, also called “magic” by the uninitiated. The rich traditions of Ornaphesa, and the unity with the natural and mystical world from ancient times, are now considered naive in the light of modern, pervasive, widespread Zartian technology – which nobody really understands completely.


Which gruesome games are played by their senior compatriots and what is the relationship with the exotic and sometimes frightening worlds far beyond their borders – where dramatic changes take place?

Are the rumors about man-hunting Xortaeronese monsters true, and how great is the threat of a devastating war?


These questions bring the teenagers in the most challenging situations, both on Oragena College and during their long search for Amber. Family tragedies, loss of loved ones, heartbreak, agony, and despair will afflict them and the answers to their questions will turn their world upside down.


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