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Is self-confidence important?

Self-confidence is like a rock: sturdy, proud, noticeable, capable of breaking threatening waves of insecurity.

Self-acceptance is like water: subtle, underestimated, but when it seeps into the cracks of a rock and freezes overnight, it causes the rock to break, whereas the water endures, because the water just IS, fluid, without a static conception of self.

Self-confidence is relative to how you value yourself and how you value the context to which the confidence applies. Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth are based on the belief that the “self” has a value that can be compared to other values – like “good” versus “bad”. It labels the self.
But if the context changes, the conditions on which the value depends, the confidence will be affected.
The root of this problem is the fact that we use labels and values at all.

As I tried to demonstrate inĀ this earlier post, values, labels and thoughts are the business of the “thinking self”, a way of perceiving the world that is not true to the “true self”.

Self-acceptance is therefore more important than self-confidence.