No place for writing in the fast modern times?

Who cares about writing in a world full of fast, flashy communication, made with fast, flashy gadgets, by fast, flashy people?

Collection of Happy Young People From Different Nationalities

The secret is: more people than you might think.

Because writing is…

…dying in despair and then being reborn from hope.
…the universe in unity with billions of alternatives.
…setting the world on fire and then raising it again from the ashes.
…spilling one’s own blood as a sacrifice for the greater good.
…desecrating holy thoughts to find deeper truths.
…betraying one’s former self and selling it to the highest bidder.
…pillaging the coast of assumption and using the bounties to crown the innocent child of humble curiosity.
…evoking the storm of storms to collapse the Ego’s towers to the ground.
…exposing one’s foulest secrets, only to be glorified for the sake of the artistry of their written expression.
…standing trial in front of the jury of the ever-critical self, but being defended by the advocate of free spontaneous expression.
…where dark evil and white bright light embrace each other to celebrate the wonders of contrast and creativity.